Remember Phil Bourjaily’s recent Gun Nuts post about Defense Distributed, the project to design and create the world’s first 3-D printed gun? Well, it seems the company that actually owns the printer isn’t too keen on making history.

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In a letter to (Defense Distributed Founder Cody) Wilson dated Sept. 26, the legal counsel for Stratasys Inc. informed Wilson that it was cancelling his lease of the company’s uPrint SE printer. “It is the policy of Stratasys not to knowingly allow its printers to be used for illegal purposes,” the company wrote, noting that Wilson lacked a federal license for manufacturing firearms.

Wilson has maintained that he doesn’t need a license, because he’s not planning to sell the weapon. But Stratasys was not impressed. Wired’s Danger Room blog reports that the company’s representatives showed up at his door to seize the device. Now he’ll have to find another printer–and according to Danger Room, he’s considering obtaining a manufacturing license even though he doesn’t believe it’s legally required. Meanwhile, his group has posted Stratasys’ letter online with the caption, “Imagine if your biggest part in the human drama was to stand in the way of an innovation.”

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