Some people just seem to have fundamental philosophical issues with the entire concept of “licensing.” Driver’s license, hunting guide license, pilot’s license…eh, why bother. Not even an ankle bracelet could slow this guy down.

From this story in the Anchorage Daily News_:
__The search is on for an outlaw hunting guide who cut off his ankle monitor last week in Anchorage, according to Alaska State Troopers. Wildlife troopers are looking for Michael A. “Tony” Roberts — out on bail for guiding without a guide’s license, flying without a pilot’s license and driving without a valid driver’s license — after he allegedly used a grinder to remove the court-ordered tracking device during the early morning hours of Oct. 4. Roberts, 50, disappeared from the home of his third-party custodian, near Arctic Boulevard and Dowling Road, and hasn’t been seen since, troopers said._

According to the story, this isn’t Roberts’ first brush with that pesky law: in 1999 he fled from authorities after being nabbed for illegally guiding, airborne hunting, and illegal possession of game–that was six months before he was finally captured. In a more recent case, Roberts was sentenced in 2011 for illegally possessing a moose and spent nearly a year in prison before being released in early 2012. In July, Roberts was charged with three counts of flying without a license and two counts of driving without a license. As part of his bail condition in that case, he was ordered to wear the ankle monitoring device, which apparently cramped his style.