Have you had a lifelong dream to take a hunting trip to…Costa Rica? If, by chance, you have, get ready for some bad news.

From this story on Huffpost:
Costa Rica is poised to become the first Latin American country to ban hunting as a sport, after Congress on Tuesday provisionally approved reforms to its Wildlife Conservation Law. Lawmakers voting on the ban voted 41 in favor and five against, and a second vote expected in the coming week is widely seen ratifying changes to the law, which aims to protect animals in one of the world’s most biodiverse countries. Costa Rica’s national parks attract some 300,000 visitors annually, and tourism is a mainstay of the economy. “We’re not just hoping to save the animals but we’re hoping to save the country’s economy, because if we destroy the wildlife there, tourists are not going to come anymore”, environmental activist Diego Marin, who campaigned for the reform, told local radio.

According to the story, jaguars, puma and sea turtles are favorite targets of poachers, but it doesn’t mention anything at all about what types of (formerly) legal hunting Costa Rican citizens engaged in. This is a long shot, but anyone ever hunted Costa Rica? Can you shed any light?