One of the standard scenes in many of Gary Larson’s brilliant, and lamentably no more, one-frame The Far Side cartoons is of a group of lions and/or vultures gathered around a carcass, feeding, with some hilarious caption underneath. One wonders what Larson may have come up with after watching this amazing footage of a group of Montana mountain lions feeding on an elk carcass.

From this story in the Missoulian:

A Darby couple has captured some amazing video footage of several mountain lions feeding on an elk carcass in their pasture. Ben Ricciardi, who lives with his wife Betty on the West Fork Road near the Nez Perce cutoff, noticed that something had killed an elk in his pasture about a week ago. He set up a motion-detecting camera pointed at the carcass out of curiosity, and the footage he got was incredible.

In two separate 10-second clips, a group of mountain lions can be seen hanging around the carcass at night. One lion can be seen chewing on the carcass and dragging it a little ways. “I’ve never seen nothing like it,” Ricciardi said. “That carcass is only 75 or 80 feet from my house. They devoured that whole elk in three days. Hide, bones, everything. They really did.”

According to the story, Ricciardi estimates there were six mountain lions feeding on the carcass.