Imagine you held the same job for 45 years, and that job–a real, paying, workaday job–consisted almost entirely of hunting red stag on 200 square miles of pristine, breathtaking Scottish highlands. That’s the only occupation professional deer stalker Peter Fraser has had for the past 45 years on Scotland’s Invercauld Estate, selectively culling red deer from the estate’s vast holdings while working as the estate’s head deer stalker. Fraser is retiring this November, so a photographer followed him around for a few days to document his world.

The result is this spectacular photo essay that recently ran in the UK Daily Mail:
These spectacular images document the final red deer stag season of professional stalker Peter Fraser, who has employed traditional methods of deer stalking for 45 years. He has served as head stalker for 43 years on the Invercauld Estate in Braemar, Scotland. The stalking season runs from July until October and he is set to retire in November. His day-to-day work revolves around hunting and shooting wild red deer, an iconic Scottish species. He controls the numbers of deer for the health of the herd and the benefit of their habitat.

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