Tampa Bay, Florida’s infamous “Mystery Monkey” has struck again. The wily primate, which has been on the loose for four years now and has gained national attention, apparently attacked a lady in St. Petersburg.

From this story on the local Fox News affiliate:

Wildlife officials are working to trap Tampa Bay’s infamous mystery monkey after it reportedly bit and scratched a 60-year-old woman in south St. Petersburg Wednesday. The monkey has been on the run for several years, spotted as far north as Pasco County, Temple Terrace, Town ‘N Country, and Clearwater before ending up in the southern tip of Pinellas County. That’s where the monkey has taken refuge for the past year and a half, without much attention. But that all changed Wednesday when authorities say the monkey came from behind the woman while she was sitting on the ground. It’s not exactly clear what happened, but the woman ended up with scratches and bite marks.
According to the story, this attack may be curtains for Mystery Monkey, as wildlife officials will now step up efforts to trap him. The monkey has been hanging out and being fed in that particular neighborhood for the past 18 months, but apparently an angry monkey is no fun, so residents say he’s got to go.