What do you do as an encore to catching an 84lb. catfish? Why, catch a 100-pounder a few days later. And then keep both of them alive in a kiddie pool in your back yard. And name them.

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Charlotte Pennington didn’t rest on her laurels when she caught an 84-pound blue catfish Saturday. She hooked the monster while she was fishing with her boyfriend, Frank Sims, near Leavenworth, KS. …Now, the 84-pound fish has a buddy in a kiddy pool, and she and her boyfriend have 184 pounds of fish on their hands. She named the two fish after her friend Norma, the one who has been keeping them alive in the aerator.

According to the story, Pennington caught the 100-pound blue on a trotline just three days after catching her previous-best 84-pounder. Both fish came from trotlines on the Missouri River, and both of them are now swimming around in a children’s pool in Pennington’s back yard. And both of them have names, “Norma 2″ and Norma 3.” Fortunately, however, Norma 2 and Norma 3 are both going back into the Missouri. Pennington tells reporters that she and her boyfriend are planning to release both fish.