_Field & Stream’_s Catchbook app for the iPhone is a social fishing journal that automatically turns fish photos into catch records complete with detailed weather conditions, then lets you share that information on a map with fishing buddies you trust. The map is private, but the photos of your fish are public, which means everyone can see what all Catchbook users are landing around the country (and around the world!).

Since we launched the app in April, more than 6,300 people have installed it on their phones and have posted thousands of photos (check out our editors’ picks for the 50 best shots from September here).

If you fish, and you have an iPhone, we’d love it if you’d check out our app. Here’s an extra incentive: We’re giving away a 16GB iPhone 5 (MSRP: $649)–plus OtterBox Defender Series ($49.95) and Commuter Series ($34.95) cases to go with it–to the best photo posted to the app during the month of October. Also, the best photo each week wins one of OtterBox’s great new iPhone cases. Click the link to download this fishing app from the iTunes store.

Check out the Best Catchbook photos from September here.