A New York man who claimed to have shot a giant non-typical whitetail that would have been a new state record is now accused of shooting the buck on a game farm.

From this story in the Corning (NY) Leader:
A northern New York hunter who claimed to have killed a state record buck is not getting a spot in the record books over suspicions that he shot a farm-raised deer. The Watertown Daily Times reports that Wayne N. Long II said he bagged a 22-point deer in the town of Rodman that would qualify for a state record for bucks with “non-typical,” or asymmetrical, antlers under the commonly used Boone and Crockett score. But officials of the company that certifies rack sizes believe he shot the deer on a deer farm, which would make it ineligible.

According to the story, state wildlife officials have issued Long a citation for filing a false report.