PA Hunter Dies in Fall From Treestand: The Season’s First Grim Safety Reminder

A Pennsylvania deer hunter who died after falling from his tree stand is a grim reminder that tree stand accidents are by far the most common and dangerous hazard for deer hunters.

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A Lower Chanceford Township man died Wednesday after the tree stand he was hunting from malfunctioned, causing him to fall to the ground, officials said. Robert Shaull, 70, of Frosty Hill Road, was pronounced dead at 8:51 p.m. in York Hospital, the York County Coroner’s Office said. The tree stand was located on Shaull’s property and was about 20 feet off the ground, according to the coroner’s office, who said Shaull was hunting deer with a bow and arrow._

Shaull left his home at 5:30 p.m. to hunt. When he didn’t return, family members went out to look for him, found him lying facedown on the ground and called 911, the coroner’s office said. The stand’s platform also was on the ground. Part of the stand was still in the tree, as was Shaull’s bow, officials said.

Please be safe. Make sure your stand is properly and securely attached, and always, always wear a harness.