Quail hunters looking to make travel plans for the quail seasons that are set to kick off in many states can get an idea of what to expect with the release of Quail Forever’s comprehensive nationwide, state-by-state season outlook, which was just released last week.

From the Quail Forever website:

_Across the country, the mild winter of 2011-12 gave many states’ quail populations a needed reprieve from the cold, wet winters of recent years. Leading into summer, productive nesting conditions in early spring across the country gave quail managers hope of a significantly increased year of quail production. But as temperatures increased, rains decreased, and much of the country became locked in drought throughout the summer. While most quail managers agree that quail can handle a pound of heat for an ounce of cold, wet weather, the effects of the drought of 2012 are yet to be determined for quail populations nationwide. If hens were able to get their clutches on the ground early enough in the spring, as some reports note, the more mature chicks may have been able to get a wing up on the heat and make it through to hunting season.
The report comprehensively breaks down every state’s hunting outlook, so if you’re thinking about making a trip this year (and for some of us that’s the only way we’ll be seeing any quail) QF’s summary is an invaluable tool. What are some of the findings? Some good, some bad, and a whole bunch in between… Check out your state’s forecast and then tell us what you think the quail hunting will be like where you live. Do you agree with the forecast or, based on what you’ve seen locally, disagree?