Well, it’s finally happened: After three long, glorious years of swinging amongst the treetops and terrorizing retirees, South Florida’s folk hero rogue monkey, the one they said could never be captured, has been taken down with a dart to the butt. The terror is over…

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The monkey that has evaded Florida wildlife officials for more than three years has been caught. Wildlife officials nabbed the monkey Wednesday afternoon after a five-hour stakeout near a wooded area in a south St. Petersburg neighborhood. “We concealed ourselves in the area,” said Baryl Martin, spokesperson for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission, “and we waited for the monkey to approach.” The the monkey was shot with a tranquilizer dart.

According to the story, the monkey was taken to a local vet’s office to be checked out, but no word on what officials plan to do with the notorious primate. What do you think should happen to him?