In an interesting twist on the traditional top 10 list, Gore-Tex maker W.L. Gore Associates conducted a survey to find the nation’s top hunting destination…with the worst weather. And the top pick? Think really, really big bears and really, really wet conditions. Yep, Kodiak Island, Alaska.

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“Serious hunter athletes know that the most exciting and rewarding hunts often involve battling the elements,” said David Dillon, hunting category leader for W.L. Gore & Associates. “Gore is committed to making sure hunters don’t miss any experience, or pass up any great hunting destination because of wind, rain, sleet, freezing temperatures or other challenging weather. We gear them up so they can stay out longer in any conditions and experience more. We hope this ‘Best Hunt / Worst Conditions’ list inspires some epic hunts for hard core hunters.

While Kodiak Island made the top spot, numbers two through ten aren’t exactly full of warm sunshine and gentle breezes. Here’s the rest of the list (in order)

Penobscot Bay / Stonington, Maine
South Central Montana / Northwest Wyoming
Black Hills and Badlands, South Dakota
Northwest Montana
Southwest Colorado
The Cascade Mountains, Washington and Coastal Oregon
The Big Woods, Western Wisconsin
Idaho Panhandle, Idaho
TIE: Central Nebraska / Platte River and The Low Country, South Carolina

Thoughts? Did your state make the list? Should it have? Make your case…