One of the most careless and irresponsible things an angler can do is leave discarded fishing line at fishing sights. Not only is discarded fishing line unsightly and the mark of a true slob angler, it’s also death to any creatures that get entangled in it. But one such encounter between a duck and some discarded monofilament ended up triggering a cool environmental project for a couple of Utah boy scouts.

From this story in the Salt Lake Tribune:

John and Steven Petersen, brothers from Lehi, were fishing at Highland Glen Park back in June when they noticed a duck wrapped in fishing line. They wondered what had happened and what they could do to help the bird. While they were pondering what to do Tonya Kieffer, a community fisheries biologists with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, showed up and started chasing the duck.

_”A friend who is birder told me about a duck that had fishing line wrapped around it and I went to see what I could do. They saw me and came over to help me corral it,” Kieffer said Monday. The biologist explained to the boys the dangers of abandoned fishing line as the trio worked to get line untangled from one leg where it was so tight that circulation was being cut off and then removed a hook from inside the duck’s beak. Kieffer finished by explaining that there were opportunities for the boys to make fishing-line recycling receptacles.
According to the story, that got the boys thinking, and four months and $675 in raised donations later, the boys returned to the lake and installed four stations for recycling fishing line. The recycled line will be sent off to Berkley and recycled into fish habitat structures. The project also helped one of the boys attain his Eagle Scout requirements.

Have a problem with discarded line at your favorite fishing spots? Any line recycling containers at your favorite fishing spot? If not, maybe you should hit up your local boy scout troop.