Fisheries Conservation photo

Fisheries Conservation photo

Officials in Boulder are electro-shocking a local lake that is apparently infested with..koi? Thousands and thouands of koi. Sounds like a job for the Flytalk guys.

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It’s a fish that can brighten a backyard garden, but when koi take over a lake, it can be trouble. On Monday Colorado Parks and Wildlife removed close to 2,000 of the invasive fish from Thunderbird Lake in East Boulder. Where the goldfish came from is a mystery. “It wasn’t something we released; we had no knowledge of it, so it’s a big question mark,” Joy Master with Boulder Parks and Recreation said. It was earlier this year when officials with Boulder Parks and Recreation began to notice changes in the ponds ecosystem. That’s when the non-native goldfish were spotted.

No more water gardens for them, these koi are destined to be fed to injured birds of prey at a nearby wildlife rehab facility. Anyone ever have a koi infestation in a local body of water?