While there have not yet been any definitive, research-based links between chronic wasting disease and game-farm der, the anecdotal evidence certainly keeps piling up. Pennslyvania recently discovered the state’s first case of CWD, which came from a game-farm deer. Now, a second deer from the same facility has also tested positive.

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A second deer from the deer farm in New Oxford, Adams County, has been confirmed to have been infected with chronic wasting disease, according to the state Department of Agriculture. The same deer enclosure on a 1.5-acre lot that also includes a residence at 1491 New Chester Road, New Oxford, was the site of Pennsylvania’s first confirmed case of CWD, an always fatal disease in cervids like deer, elk and moose. Previous lab tests confirmed CWD Oct. 10 in a 3.5-year-old doe that died Oct. 4 in the enclosure.

That triggered the state’s CWD response plan for action by agencies including Agriculture and the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Part of the plan called for the “depopulation” of all deer on the farm of the initial CWD confirmation, which is now referred to as “the index farm,” according to Mathew Meals, deputy secretary of the state Department of Agriculture.

According to the story, one of the deer escaped during said “depopulation” of the game farm. Seven other deer culled from the farm tested negative for the disease. The discovery of the disease has triggered Pennsylvania’s Chronic Wasting Disease Task Force to quarantine 27 other deer farms in 16 counties that had contact with the farm in question. Pennsylvania, according to the story, has a total of 1,100 deer farm containing some 23,000 captive deer.

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