Voters in four states approved amendments to their state constitutions guaranteeing the right to hunt and fish. Ballot measures protecting hunting and fishing passed in Idaho, Kentucky, Nebraska and Wyoming.

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Idaho voters have agreed to amend the state constitution to protect forever the right to hunt, fish and trap. As returns trickled in Tuesday night, it was clearly early on HJR2 would gain wide support in a state where hunting and fishing are immensely popular and important drivers of local economies. By early Wednesday morning, with 59 percent of Idaho’s 947 precincts reporting, the constitutional amendment had won support from 74.3 percent of voters.

_Results showed that not a single county came close to voting down HJR, though no results had been reported from central Idaho’s Blaine County, which served as the epicenter of some of the opposition generated by the measure. Idaho now joins 13 other states that have added similar language into their state constitutions.
Meanwhile, voters in Kentucky overwhelmingly passed that state’s amendment proposal.

From this story on _Voters overwhelmingly approved an amendment that the General Assembly passed in 2011 as a pre-emptive strike against anyone who would challenge Kentuckians’ right to “harvest wildlife.” At present, nobody is lobbying against hunting and fishing in Kentucky or legally challenging it. But somebody in the future might have, such as an animal-rights group, said the amendment’s sponsor, Rep. Leslie Combs, D-Pikeville. Now they can’t, Combs said.
Measures in Nebraska and Wyoming passed by similar margins. There are now some 17 states with constitutional amendments protecting hunting and fishing. Is it officially a trend? Do you expect to see more states add such amendments?