In the midst of one of Colorado’s busiest big-game seasons ever, a new report highlights just how important hunting and fishing are to the state’s economy.

From this story in the Denver Business Journal:
The economic impact of big-game hunting in Colorado adds up to about $403 million, the Vail Daily reports. That estimate comes from Denver-based BBC Research & Consulting, which also said that a combination of hunting, fishing and just watching wildlife amounts to a $3 billion industry for the state.

That’s a big chunk of change no matter how you look at it, and vividly illustrates how much money hunting and fishing pump into local and state economies, but for the most part we rarely hear of hunting and fishing’s economic impact compared to more traditional tourism-based recreational industries like skiing. Why do you think we fly under the radar so often, and what would be your guess for how much money hunting and fishing pump into your home state?