Kudzu is only half-jokingly referred to as “The Plant that Ate the South.” Thankfully, however, kudzu isn’t aquatic. But giant salvinia is, and now officials in Louisiana are struggling to control this invasive aquatic plant that makes lakes unnavigable, and grows so rapidly it can double its size in just a few days.

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For years authorities with the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries have battled what some describe as a lake killer – giant salvinia. “It’s been on the lake here four or five years and it gets to the point to where you basically can’t see any water.” Pete Camp with the Bistineau Task Force says the free floating plant that doubles in size every 3-5 days can make the lake virtually impossible to use. “When the lake’s covered you really can’t use the lake. It becomes thick and matted up where people can’t take their boats out if they do take their boats out the motors suck up the weeds and it tears the motors up.”

According to the story, eradication is, at this point, out of the question and all officials can hope to achieve is some semblance of control over the giant salvinia. Has anyone heard of or had to deal firsthand with this watery menace?