Sooner State hunters who legally own suppressors can now hunt with them under a law that just went into effect yesterday.

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Gov. Mary Fallin on Friday signed into law Senate Bill 1743 that allows hunters to use suppressors, or silencers, when hunting on their own land or with permission of the landowner.

The law becomes effective Nov. 1. State lawmakers earlier in the week passed an amended version of the original bill which carries harsher punishment for hunters using a noise suppressor while committing a game violation. Anyone convicted of a wildlife offense while using a noise suppressor when hunting could face an additional fine of $500 to $1,000 over the normal fine for that specific game violation. The Oklahoma State Game Wardens Association had opposed the legislation.

Any Oklahoma hunters plan on getting a permit from ATF and trying their hand at hunting with a suppressor? I got the chance to fire a suppressed Smith & Wesson AR at SHOT last year, and I have to admit, it got me thinking about hunting with one.