A Pennsylvania hunter was left dangling in a tree after his tree stand apparently fell apart–with him in it.

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A western Pennsylvania hunter whose tree stand broke had to be rescued from his perch, where he was left dangling about 15 feet off the ground. Brush Valley assistant fire chief Al Pluchinsky says James Yoder, of Johnstown, was hunting late Saturday afternoon when the stand came apart. Yoder’s feet got tangled and he was dangling, although his hunting partner helped by trying to hold his head somewhat upright while they yelled for help.

According to the story, Yoder was treated and released from a local hospital. Sounds like he may have been wearing a safety harness, but the story is unclear. Interesting, though, that his stand apparently just fell apart. Most tree stand injuries result from a fall, not the stand itself collapsing. But it can happen. Anything like that ever happen to you?