We’ve all heard stories and seen pictures of sparring bucks locked together, and it’s not uncommon for hunters to find the corpses of locked-up bucks. Rarely, however, do we come across such a scene when the bucks (or at least one of them) is still alive. But that’s exactly what one group of South Dakota pheasant hunters turned wildlife rescuers found recently (via Outdoor Hub).

[ Photos: Wisconsin Hunter Tags Locked Bucks ]

From YouTube:
At Tumbleweed Lodge in Harrold, South Dakota we drove up on 2 eagles in a grassy open area. We discovered 2 deer with antlers locked together. One deer had already died and the eagles were feeding on it as the other one struggled to get free. We estimate that these deer had been there in this situation for at least a couple of days.

Anyone ever come across bucks locked up and still alive? Did you try to free them?

[ Video: Freeing Locked Bucks With a Handsaw ]