A medi-flight helicopter pilot from Arizona has been cited for harassing wildlife in Colorado after a group of hunters witnessed him repeatedly flying low over a group of elk near Grand Junction, Colorado. Thankfully, the pilot had already delivered his patient to a hospital in Grand Junction before the illegal aeronautics ensued…

From this story in the Craig Daily Press:
Colorado Parks and Wildlife has cited an Arizona helicopter pilot for harassing elk near Grand Junction. Owen Park, 35, of Page, Ariz., a pilot for Classic Lifeguard Air Medical in Page, was assessed 10 penalty points against his hunting and fishing privileges, and a $200 fine for flying his ship Sept. 23 very low over an elk herd in a canyon near the headwaters of Granite Creek, southwest of Grand Junction.

According to the story, Park and the helicopter’s medical crew were returning to their base in Arizona after delivering a patient to a hospital in Grand Junction when the group of elk hunters witnessed the helicopter fly into a canyon containing the elk. Park then made several passes below the rim of the canyon and at treetop level, which scattered the elk and, according to the hunters, ruin their hunt. But Hell hath no fury like an elk hunter scorned, and the group managed to write down the chopper’s tail number, which allowed authorities to track down the pilot perp.