The best way to avoid being eaten by a great white shark is to live in, say, Nebraska. And never leave. But if you do happen to find yourself trapped in the ocean in some deep…uh, water, and are in imminent danger of being consumed by a hungry great white, just channel your inner Rocky Balboa. It worked for this California surfer.

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_A 25-year-old California surfer who survived a shark attack says he punched the shark in the head until it finally released him. Scott Stephens spoke about his ordeal at a news conference on Wednesday — a day after the attack on a popular surf spot off the coast of Eureka. Stephens said the shark pulled him underwater after biting him and only released him after receiving blows to its head. Doctors say Stephens suffered at least seven deep lacerations, but none of his vital organs were damaged. He is listed in fair condition.
Who knew the ocean’s apex predator had a glass chin?