If you’re a little iffy on when, exactly, legal shooting time begins in relation to sunrise/sunset times, there’s an app for that. It’s called your wristwatch and a copy of the hunting regulations. But if you don’t happen to have either a wristwatch or a copy of the hunting regulations with a sunrise/sunset table, there actually is an app for that. At least if you live in Wisconsin.

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A new app is designed to help hunters know when to pull the trigger. The “Sunrise-Sunset” app will tell hunters what time it is legal to shoot a gun based on where they are. The state Department of Natural Resources Bureau of Law Enforcement developed the new app and tested it with state game wardens before releasing it for Android phones. It is not yet available for iPhones. The app uses GPS to determine where the user is and what the opening and closing times are for various hunting seasons in that location. The app can also show opening and closing times for other locations in the state and future dates. The app costs 99 cents to download.

That’s actually a really cool idea. Any other states have a similar legal shooting time app?