A potential all-tackle world record yellowfin tuna has been caught off the coast of Mexico, according to this story on

The angler, a first-time long-ranger aboard the Excel out of San Diego, used a live skipjack tuna to entice a yellowfin that taped out aboard the vessel at what its Facebook page is listing as 400 pounds. I’ve been told by someone closely associated with the boat, however, that this is a very conservative round number, and that the actual weight of the behemoth probably is much heavier. The fish was among many giant tuna caught at Hurricane Bank off Mexico, and will be weighed on a certified scale after the luxury sportfisher returns to port Saturday night or Sunday morning.

[ Photos: Potential Record Yellowfin Tuna Caught off Cabo San Lucas ]

According to the story, the current International Game Fish Assn. all-tackle world record is a 405-pound yellowfin caught in 2010 off Magdalena Bay, but a 427lb. yellowfin caught earlier this year off Cabo San Lucas, California has yet to be certified as a world record.