The “most famous wolf in the world” has been shot (legally) by a hunter…

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The killing of the “most famous wolf in the world” at Yellowstone National Park is coinciding with wildlife officials discussing potential new restrictions for hunting near the park. A collared female alpha wolf known as 832F to researchers and ’06 — for the year she was born — to fans, was legally killed Thursday in Wyoming outside the park’s protected area. She was part of the renowned Lamar Canyon pack. “She was without a doubt the most famous wolf in the world, hands down,” Kim Bean, vice president of Wolves of the Rockies, told “I watched her since her birth, basically. She was an amazing wolf to watch. She was definitely the most researched in the park. … She’s gone.”

Wolf 832F was renowned for her size and hunting prowess, and apparently was a favorite of park visitors. However, some see the shooting as proof that wolf management through regulated hunting is working.

“Public hunting is by no means a threat to wolves,” Mike Jimenez, the wolf management and science coordinator for the US. Fish and Wildlife Service told “It’s not a threat to the population or to successful recovery, but that doesn’t by any means diminish the passion and feelings people have about individual wolves.”

Nevertheless, Montana has shut down its wolf hunt in some areas north of Yellowstone in response to the shooting of collared wolves. The incident brings up an interesting question for hunters: even though it was perfectly legal to do so, do you think shooting wolves that are obviously radio-collared, while perfectly legal, might be a bad idea that doesn’t do our image any favors, or do you think that a legal wolf is a legal wolf and that it shouldn’t matter?