If you didn’t think the craze for creating big bucks at any cost could get worse, or weirder, then read on.*

From this story on the Dallas Morning News:
An Illinois geneticist must pay $30,000 and serve three years of probation for illegally obtaining valuable semen from whitetail deer in East Texas. A federal judge in Tyler sentenced 55-year-old Raymond Favero of Braidwood, Ill. Favero in July pleaded guilty to wrongful acquisition of wildlife in interstate commerce. Texas law bars importing live whitetail deer or mule deer amid concerns about transmittable diseases. Prosecutors on Wednesday said Favero must also pay a $6,000 fine and $24,000 to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Federation.

According to the story, Favero “acquired” (thankfully, they don’t say how…) whitetail deer semen from a buck in Cherokee County in 2007 that he knew was illegally transported from an out-of-state source. How much was it worth? A cool $92,000. Investigators say Favero did it again in 2008, collecting semen from another freakish buck that had been illegally transported to Texas.

Free enterprise system at work, or yet another example of out-of-control antler madness?