Missouri deer hunters, it’s time to grab your air rifle, handgun or crossbow and head to the woods because the Show Me state’s “alternative methods” deer season is now underway.

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It’s called Missouri’s alternative methods deer hunting season. It runs from now through Christmas Day. More hunters are hitting the woods with a historical game plan. Hunters have used black-powder muzzleloader rifles for years, but the Department of Conservation says there was an increase in people interested in hunting with handguns and crossbows. They wanted to expand opportunities to use those tools without hurting the deer population. If hunters want to be a little more traditional, they can use longbows or even a tool called an atlatl which is like a spear. Officials say hunters like the historical aspect as well as the challenge.

Pretty cool opportunity for the primitives among us. Anyone ever build and use an atlatl or air rifle for deer hunting? Does your state offer any alternative methods hunting opportunities?