A potentially dangerous Nile crocodile is currently loose in (where else?) south Florida.

From this story in The Washington Post: _
_State wildlife officials have given their agents a rare order to shoot to kill in the hunt for a young and potentially dangerous Nile crocodile loose near Miami.
The Nile crocodile, which hails from Africa, can jump higher, run faster and grow to nearly 20-feet, several feet larger than its American cousin, and has a nastier temperament. And while the American crocodile stays near saltwater like mangroves and estuaries, the Nile crocodile prefers freshwater, making it more likely to come in contact with humans and domestic animals. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said they know of only one Nile croc on the loose, but experts said at least two others have been caught in the same area. The commission is investigating where the croc came from, although it likely escaped from a facility or a local breeder, probably as a hatchling.

So now we have Nile crocodiles running around Miami. The same Nile crocs that eat, literally, hundreds of people each year in Africa. It’s getting to the point where you can’t even make jokes about what might show up next, because it probably will. Komodo dragons will be next. Yep, giant, man-eating Komodo dragons. Bank on it…

CC image from Wikipedia.