Almost anyone not missing a chromosome or two will agree that it’s just not cool to walk up to a female and utter the words “nice rack.” But in this case, well, it’s true…

From this story on Oklahoma’s
It sounds more like a legend or a myth than real life, and for avid Kingfisher County hunters, it certainly feels like it when one man shot a deer unlike any other. Deer trophies shot by Rodney Mueggenborg across the decades hang in his garage but the one he will never forget is one that’s not even up there. “I have been hunting 32 years and never seen anything like it before,” Mueggenborg said. “It was a beautiful, healthy doe with horns.” That’s a sight many hunters will never see. It was brought to Mueggenborg by Jeremie Hill. Hill shot it within the first 20 minutes of a hunting trip with his son. “Your nerves start shaking,” Hill said. “You start shaking to see if you can actually hope you hit it and you hear the shot go off. You hear it hit the deer and right then it dropped.” Hill and his 8-year-old son, Blake, thought they shot a buck. Once they got to Mueggenborg’s farm to skin the deer, they realized the rare kill they had on hand.

Antlered does are rare, but not unheard of. Anyone ever shoot a doe with a…nice rack?