Geez, what is with major league baseball players and hunting accidents lately? Yesterday we learned that the manager of the Chicago Cubs was peppered during a quail hunt. Now comes word that a pitcher for the San Diego Padres will be out three months after his hand was cut in a hunting accident.

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“…On Wednesday came another report of a hunting accident. Padres right-hander Andrew Cashner had surgery to repair a lacerated tendon in his right thumb after a friend stabbed him in the thumb after he “slipped” while dressing meat, general manager Josh Byrnes told reporters. Earlier on Wednesday, manager Bud Black said the 26-year-old right-hander had been involved in a “minor” hunting accident but didn’t have many details. Byrnes filled in the blanks, noting the recovery for Cashner would be three months. He’s likely to start the season on the disabled list.

Sounds like a bloody knife may have slipped while dressing out a deer or elk? At any rate, maybe MLB should issue some kind of memo to its players and managers about being careful in the field? Because they’re dropping like flies…