A Canadian deer hunter who vanished on Nov. 15 was finally rescued this weekend after wandering the bush for three weeks.

From this story in the Calgary Herald:
A hunter who turned up after being lost in the southeast Manitoba bush for three weeks says thoughts of his family and the hundreds of people who were looking for him kept him going. “(It was) my wife and my son and the knowledge that the search and rescue community and people I don’t even know were out looking,” said Brad Lambert, who turned up safe and sound Saturday after spending 21 nights in his truck, stranded in the bush. “That means a great deal.”

According to the story, the 46-year-old Lambert was last seen on November 15 when he stopped to buy supplies for a deer hunt, but when Lambert took a wrong turn on the wrong trail he became stranded in a remote area. When Lambert failed to return home, searchers began combing the area but failed to find him. Lambert had no food and ate nothing during the ordeal, but was able to melt snow for water. When searchers failed to find him, Lambert eventually began walking and found a road, where he was eventually picked up.