Is New York City becoming the new Islamorada? The waters around the Big Apple are warming faster than most other coastal areas, and those balmy waters are beginning to draw fish and other sea creatures from more southerly climes.

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Carl Wills has been fishing in Long Island Sound for 58 years, and two months ago, for the first time in his life, he saw a sea turtle. Working a night shift for a charter fishing company out of City Island in the Bronx, Wills, 61, was taking a moment to relax when the four-foot-wide turtle surfaced alongside the boat, the Island Current II. “All of a sudden, this big thing comes out of the water and sticks its head up. What the hell?” says Wills, describing his reaction. “It was amazing to see that.”Six species of sea turtle are found in U.S. waters, and they all usually dwell in the southeastern or Chesapeake Bay region. They are also not the only warm water animals to be living in Long Island Sound this fall.

According to the story, water temps in Long Island Sound have been rising for 30 years, and rising faster than they are in other regions fo the country. The result, says the story, is an influx of new warm-water species into the area. In addition, summertime fish species that used to migrate are hanging around much longer these days as warming water temps disrupt traditional migration patterns.

Have you noticed the same thing where you fish?