The state of Wisconsin is now considering opening some of its state parks and trails to hunting after the original proposal to allow hunting in all state parks and trails met with much opposition.

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The state Natural Resources Board will hold a public meeting where officials will reconsider a measure that would open all Wisconsin parks and trails to hunting. The meeting Tuesday, Dec. 11, in Madison comes after lawmakers and state agencies received nearly 2,000 emails and letters, the vast majority opposing the so-called Sporting Heritage Bill. Some people said they wouldn’t bring their families to state parks if hunters were around. Others were concerned about whether their pets might step into animal traps. In response to the backlash, the state Department of Natural Resources has recommended scaling back the measure to exempt about one-third of parks and trails. The Natural Resources Board will meet to consider the DNR recommendation and also take oral and written comments from the public.

Thoughts? Does your state allow hunting in some state parks and recreation areas? Has it caused any problems or issues?