The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has cancelled a proposed predator-hunting seminar at a state wildlife area because of protests.

From this story in the Sacramento Bee :
_Earlier this week, the invitation on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website read: “Yolo Wildlife Area, Davis – We are offering a one day clinic on hunting predators in California. Space is limited. Cost: $45 for the class.” On Friday, amid howls of protest, the clinic was canceled. “This probably isn’t the best place for a clinic like that,” said department spokesman Mike Taugher.
According to the story, the second of the two scheduled seminars, which the department says will teach proper types of firearms and ammunition, predator hunting strategies and habitats, calling, decoys blinds and hunting ethics, has not been cancelled. The reason one was cancelled and one was not? Location, apparently. The first seminar’s proximity to the city of Davis, which has implemented a non-lethal coyote management plan, apparently upset some people.

From the story: _Last year, the Davis City Council severed ties with USDA Wildlife Services after a federal trapper killed five coyotes–four of them puppies–on a golf course near a buffer for wildlife. This month, the City Council voted to adopt its own Coyote Management and Coexistence Plan, emphasizing nonlethal management. “The idea of a predator hunting class in Davis goes well past tone-deaf,” said Fearing, the Humane Society state director.
Thoughts? Reaction?