We’ve all heard news stories about items being illegally tossed from highway overpasses. It’s a stupid and dangerous thing to do. Usually it’s something like rocks, cans or bricks that get dropped on cars below, often with tragic and deadly consequences. But a deer? Well, you just have to read the story.

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A truck driver said a deer was tossed from an overpass along I-295 in Virginia and slammed into his big rig. According to WTVR, the accident happened around 12:30 a.m. Friday just before exit 22A on I-295, according to a Miami-based trucking company. A representative from that company told WTVR one of their truck drivers saw someone on top of the Buffin Road overpass toss a deer, with a rope tied around its neck, off the bridge. “All I know is that when I came up on the bridge it wasn’t hanging there,” the driver told WTVR Reporter Jake Burns.

That’s right. Someone deliberately tossed an entire deer carcass off an interstate overpass, apparently with the intention of hitting a vehicle. You might think it was a case of a deer getting spooked and jumping from the overpass, but how do you explain the rope around the deer’s neck?