Last month we told you about the new python hunting contest being held by Florida’s wildlife department. The contest was a novel response to burgeoning numbers of giant pythons in south Florida. Well, apparently the contest is becoming quite popular with natives and non-natives alike.

From this story on Yahoo! News:
A python hunting competition starting on Saturday is drawing hundreds of amateurs armed with clubs, machetes and guns to the Florida Everglades, where captured Burmese pythons have exceeded the length of minivans and weighed as much as grown men. Python Challenge 2013, a month-long event sponsored by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, is open to hunters and non-hunters alike.

According to the story, the contest has over 500 registered contestants from 32 states, and participation is growing. The goal of the competition is to raise awareness of the threat Burmese pythons pose to the Everglades ecosystem, as well as an experiment to see if hunting can help stem the growing number of pythons.

Are there any Field Notes readers out there willing to enter the contest and then send me a picture and their story?