A judge has cleared the way for wolf hunters to use dogs during the Wisconsin wolf season, making it the only state that currently allows it.

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_A Dane County judge said Friday the Department of Natural Resources had failed to enact adequate restrictions for dogs used to track or trail wolves, thereby prohibiting the practice under current state law. However, Judge Peter Anderson’s ruling would allow dogs to hunt wolves.
According to the story, the judge dissolved a temporary injunction issued last year that prohibited hunting wolves with dogs, but the judge’s ruling also prohibited the training of dogs to hunt wolves. So apparently you can hunt wolves with dogs in Wisconsin, but you can’t train dogs to hunt wolves in Wisconsin, because there’s no safe (for the dogs) way to do it. Wisconsin first authorized a wolf hunt last year, and the legislation as written, allowed hunters to use dogs to track wolves, but the controversial rule has been embroiled in legal challenges from the beginning.

Should hunters be able to use dogs to track wolves? Any Wisconsin hunters out there who can shed light on the issue?