Three Louisiana law enforcement officers are on the other side of the law after allegedly spotlighting deer.

From this story on Louisiana Sportsman:
_Two Winnsboro police officers and a Franklin Parish Detention Center corrections officer were cited earlier this week for allegedly shooting deer at night, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries said.__LDWF agents cited 31-year-old Winnsboro City Police Officer Joshua Martin of Winnsboro, and 22-year-old Franklin Parish Detention Center Corrections Officer Hunter Guimbellot of Winnsboro on Jan. 5 for taking a deer during illegal hours using artificial light and hunting from a moving vehicle. Agents also cited 34-year-old Winnsboro City Police Officer Chester Coleman of Enterprise on Jan. 7 for taking a deer during illegal hours using artificial light, hunting from a moving vehicle, failing to comply with deer tagging requirements, and hunting without basic and big game licenses._

According to the story, one of the officers was allegedly was on duty at the time, and reportedly shot the deer from his cruiser. The three men then allegedly put the deer into the trunk of the patrol vehicle. Thoughts? Is it always more disappointing to hear of wildlife violations involving those who should be serving as role models?