If you, like me, feel a bit inadequate about your fishing accomplishments, or lack thereof, this story isn’t going to make you feel any better. A seven-year-old New Zealand boy, who weighs a whopping 50 pounds, recently reeled in an almost 300-pound marlin.

From this story in The Northern Advocate:
The big fish weighed 110 kilograms more than the small boy but that didn’t stop 7-year-old Hunter Scott landing the whopper and possibly a sport fishing record too. Hunter, his father Adam Scott and his grandparents Keith and Christine Scott were out off the Nine Pin Rock at the northern entrance to the Bay of Islands, aboard the family launch Odyssey, when the keen fisherkid felt the unmistakable tug of a biggie. “We thought it was a little shark but then Granddad shouted out it was a marlin. He saw it jump just after we hooked it,” Hunter said. And then it was game on – between a 133kg giant and a 23kg nipper.

According to the story, it took Scott 90 minutes to reel in the fish. He is now waiting to see if his catch is an under-11 “small fry” national record.

So, what was your greatest fishing accomplishment when you were seven years old? Finally learning how to bait a hook? Catching your first bluegill?