A recent investigation into an illegal shooting preserve in Vermont that resulted in an underwhelming fine has many in the state asking for tougher penalties for such wildlife violations.

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The commissioner of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department says recent allegations of an illegal hunting preserve in Fairlee shows a need for tougher penalties. 51 year old Steven Hill and 21 year old Chiaki Ito of Fairlee are accused of operating an unlicensed captive hunting facility there. Prosecutors say they charged customers up to $6,000 to hunt exotic animals. _But, the pair only currently face about $7,000 in penalties. Fish & Wildlife officials say that’s not enough.
According to the story, two undercover wardens paid the pair $750 to hunt a “Spanish goat” and a “wild boar.” Officials say that most of the sportsman who have contacted them are in full support of stiffer fines for illegal hunting operations. Do states need to start hitting illegal hunting operations harder in the wallet?