Big Game Hunting photo

Here’s a question to all you Star Wars nerds (I know there are legions of you out there): What animal from a galaxy far, far away would you like to have mounted over the fireplace? Where’s Chuck Testa when you need him, because this is begging for the Testa treatment.

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Big game hunters take great pride in their work and there is no better trophy than the taxidermied head of your conquest adorned on your wall. But for some, the animals of our planet no longer pose a challenge worthy of the hunt. That’s why many hunters have taken to other worlds in an effort to quench their insatiable blood lust. Join us as we take a peek into the homes of some of our galaxy’s most renowned hunters.

Yes, of course they’re Photoshopped, but still cool. I for one would love to have that gnarly, fearsome Hoth ice creature (or Wampa, to all you Star Wars pedants) gazing out over my great room.