Everyone knows that the sewers of New York City are crawling with giant, man-eating alligators. Much like rudeness and Woody Allen flicks, sewer gators are one of New York’s signature “things.” Apparently gators in other parts of the world are now trying to get in on the act.

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Deputies and officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife say they freed an alligator that got stuck in a roadway storm drain Friday. According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, the alligator was stuck in a storm drain at the intersection of 94th Avenue and 117th Street North, located a few blocks from a nearby elementary school. At 1:30 pm, deputies said they were notified of the stuck gator from a concerned citizen. When law enforcement arrived, deputies said they found the 8-foot animal stuck in the drain with its head trapped in the opening. When a trapper from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission responded to the scene, officials said deputies and bystanders helped pull the alligator out of the drainage opening.

So has anyone ever actually seen definitive proof of an alligator surviving, much less thriving, in a storm sewer?