A man and woman who were apparently “hunting turtles” fell through the ice of a New Jersey river this weekend.

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A man and woman were out of the hospital Sunday, after they fell through the ice in the Passaic River while turtle hunting. The 30-year-old woman called 911 around 8:15 p.m. Saturday to report that her 37-year-old boyfriend had fallen into the water, police said. The woman then apparently tried to step in and help the man herself, only to fall in too. Rescue crews soon arrived and had to paddle against the current and cut down trees with chainsaws to reach the couple, who were holding on to a tree. Both victims were suffering from extreme hypothermia when they were pulled from the water around 9:15 p.m., but they were treated at a hospital and released on Sunday.

Turtles, as everyone should know, are reptiles, which are cold-blooded. Which means they can’t regulate their body temperature, so they hibernate. That means the chances of finding a turtle on an ice-covered river, in the middle of winter, in the dark, are pretty slim. But maybe I’m wrong. Anyone ever see a turtle in an ice-covered river?