Following the defeat of a similar bill last year legislation to prioritize hunting and fishing on federal lands has once again been introduced in the Senate.

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The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership Tuesday announced its support of the Hunting and Fishing Heritage and Opportunities Act, recently introduced Senate legislation that promotes science-based management of fish, wildlife and their habitats and establishes hunting and fishing as priority activities that must be recognized and facilitated by the federal public lands planning process.

The national sportsmen’s group urged the House of Representatives to pattern companion legislation after the Senate bill. Reintroduced in the 113th Congress by Sens. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, the act follows a similar measure considered by lawmakers in 2012. Neither the House nor the Senate versions of the 2012 bill ultimately was able to gain traction in the 112th Congress due in part to controversial provisions related to the Wilderness Act and the National Environmental Policy Act. This year’s version has been revised to address those concerns and improve its chances of passage into law.

Thoughts? Think it may stand a chance this session?