An Idaho hunter with deep, deep pockets just ponied up a whopping (and record-setting) $310,000 for the chance to hunt mule deer on Great Salt Lake’s Antelope Island this fall.

From this story in the Salt Lake Tribune:
Idaho hunter Dennis Austad already owns one world hunting record set in Utah by taking the biggest Rocky Mountain bull elk ever recorded by the Boone & Crockett Club during a 2008 outing on Monroe Mountain. Austad set a different kind of record during last month’s Western Hunting & Conservation Expo held in Salt Lake City by bidding $310,000 for the right to hunt a buck mule deer on Antelope Island this fall. “That’s a record for all deer hunting permits,” said Miles Moretti, CEO of the Mule Deer Foundation, which auctioned the hunting tag on behalf of the state at the expo. “The last record was $265,000 for a Utah statewide mule deer hunting tag.”

According to the story, 90 percent of the money will be used for mule deer habitat and conservation work on Antelope Island, which is the largest island on Great Salt Lake, while the remaining 10 percent will go to the Mule Deer Foundation, a Utah-based nonprofit with the mission to restore, improve and protect mule deer and black-tailed deer and their habitat. Austad also bought last year’s Antelope Island hunt, which, at $160,000, now seems like a bargain.