Trout Fishing photo

Ten years ago, we organized a friendly outdoor skills competition in Lynchburg, Tenn. Ten hunters and anglers competed, and at the end of the day, we had a winner–our first Total Outdoorsman. Boy, how things have changed.

In the last decade the Total Outdoorsman Challenge has produced more drama, action, and entertainment than we ever could’ve imagined. It’s also produced more than a few all-star sportsmen–competitors who proved their expertise with a bow, rifle, shotgun, bass rod, fly rod, and ATV year after year. So to celebrate the TOC’s 10th anniversary–and those totally awesome competitors–the 2013 Total Outdoorsman Challenge will be all about the all stars.

This year, we’ve invited back 12 of the most talented (and competitive) finalists from all of our past TOC events. You’ll certainly recognize a few of our more recent regulars, such as two-time winners Chad Weatherford and Tom Boatwright and three-time champ, Paul Thompson. But we’re also bringing back some veteran competitors like 2004 winner, Chris Nichan, and Scot Marcin, who captured the 2005 crown. But even though this year’s competition won’t feature any new faces, you can count on seeing some brand-new events that’ll truly test the hunting and fishing chops of our all stars.

And, of course, you won’t want to miss the drama unfold on the Total Outdoorsman Challenge TV show, premiering on the Outdoor Channel in October, to see which all star is the last outdoorsman standing.