A British man who just landed the largest skate ever caught off the coast of Great Britain won’t be getting the record because he refused to kill the fish.

From this story in the (UK) Daily Mirror:
An ecstatic fisherman landed this huge skate after a 90-minute battle and set a new record – but it will not stand because he refused to kill it. David Griffiths, 47, hooked the 235lb monster at 500ft below the sea off Oban in Scotland. The publisher from Sarn, Powys, said: “It was an unbelievable feeling. It’s was a really beautiful fish. And the skipper said it’s a new British record.” But rules say fish must be weighed on land. And David said: “I won’t kill a fish for a piece of paper.” He was mobbed ashore when word spread of the 7ft by 6ft skate which he threw back in the sea.

Thoughts? Think he should get the record, anyway?