This is what the end of life looks like if you’re a small bird and a goshawk is after you. The BBC filmed this jaw-dropping footage to see what happens when a goshawk extends its talons in flight to snatch prey. And if you like this video, here is some amazing slow-motion footage of a goshawk navigating what seemed like impossibly narrow paths through obstacles and small openings.

While goshawks don’t appear in my area often, I did once watch a falconer’s goshawk take a gadwell. It was an amazing thing to behold, but I had trouble keeping up with the action because it was so blindingly fast. Sharp-shinned and Cooper’s hawks, the goshawk’s accipiter cousins, habitually take birds off my backyard feeder, and I am constantly amazed at how they manage to catch such small and speedy birds at such high speeds. Watching this video makes me glad I am not a sparrow.